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Are you exhausted trying to keep the peace and living up to everyone’s expectations? Does the thought of saying “No” elicit panic symptoms? I’ve been there. 

I experienced a toxic relationship with my mother involving the navigation of her significant mental illness, manipulative behavior, and narcissistic patterns. And during my 15 years of practicing psychotherapy, I began noticing how often boundary dysfunction was the root cause of many issues. Setting and defending healthy boundaries saved my life. 

That’s why I am passionate about providing others the opportunity to do the same. I want to tell you there’s a better life ahead. A new sunrise. You’re just really, really overwhelmed by all these different people in your life that are pulling and tugging at you. I have achieved peace in my life again, and I want to tell you it’s possible for you too. 

Fun Facts

About Dana

Dana Skaggs is called the Queen of Boundaries because of her extraordinary ability to help her clients create healthy boundaries, so they can experience more peace in their lives. She has been in private practice for over 15 years, specializing in anxiety and adjustment issues as well as trauma work.

Dana earned her Masters degree in Clinical Psychology at East Tennessee State University in 1992. She is also licensed as a Senior Psychological Examiner with a Health Service Provider designation.

Out of graduate school, she worked in community mental health (Watauga Mental Health Services then Frontier Health Incorporated). She has served at Woodridge Psychiatric Hospital, Quillen Rehabilitation Hospital as manager of Psychological services, 7 area school systems, as well as conducting many other psychological assessments for the Assessment office of WMHS/FHI.

The Freedom of "No" Formula

Learn how to say “No” without guilt, discover actionable strategies to navigate toxic relationships, and uncover your peaceful and creative self in as little as 60 days with my course The Freedom of “No” Formula.

To understand more about your boundaries, begin by taking my Free “Healthier Boundaries” Assessment.

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