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Do You Have Boundary Issues?

Take the Healthier Boundaries Assessment, developed by master’s level psychotherapist Dana Skaggs and start your journey toward a more peaceful, happier life.

Keeping the Peace

Keeping the peace is wearing you out. Someone being upset, especially with you, disturbs your whole day and dominates your mental real estate.  

Can't Say "No"

You believe that what others want matters more than what you want and the thought of them being disappointed in you is unbearable.

People Pleasing

You sacrifice your authentic self in order to get someone else’s approval and suppress your own needs and emotions if you believe they will upset or disrespect someone else.

Justifying Behavior

Instead of calling someone out on their mistreatment of you, you make excuses for their behavior. Fear of abandonment causes you to allow and excuse  disrespectful behavior.

The Freedom of "No" Formula

Learn how to say “No” without guilt, discover actionable strategies to navigate toxic relationships, and uncover your peaceful and creative self in as little as 60 days with my course The Freedom of “No” Formula.

To understand more about your boundaries, begin by taking my Free “Healthier Boundaries” Assessment.

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About Dana Skaggs

Dana is called the Queen of Boundaries because of her extraordinary skill at helping her clients understand how the lack of healthy boundaries contributes to their problems. She has been in private practice for over 15 years, specializing in anxiety and adjustment issues as well as trauma work.

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